ARTICLES » 2017-12-15

Irestal Group is awarded the new ISO standard

With the Irestal Group's commitment to continuous improvement we are delighted to announce that in October 2017 the Group was awarded ISO 9001 : 2015 for its Quality System. The audit was carried out by TüV Rheinland Ibérica and the accreditation was given after the inspection of the management model and the Group was successful in meeting all the requirements for the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.


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ARTICLES » 2017-02-15

New car park Krypton in Aix-Marseille-Provence

The new car park Krypton is the largest park-and-ride in the metropolis Aix Marseille Provence. With a capacity for 900 places and a bus station with 12 platforms, it allows to relieve congestion to the city center of Aix-en-Provence and improve the traffic conditions.


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ARTICLES » 2016-10-04

Stainless Steel Polished: Bright and enduring

Stainless steel is the best product to use for applications used on a daily basis for several reasons:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Tenacity
  • Improved aesthetics

A suitable quality and surface finish, along with a good design and regular maintenance will ensure long life and a high resistance to corrosion.

A perfect polished finish is an added value for our customers.


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ARTICLES » 2016-07-18

Summer calendar in delegations.

In the following list, in alphabetical order, you could find the vacation schedules of the different centers.
For further details, contact directly with your nearest office.


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ARTICLES » 2015-10-02

Stainless Steel World Conference-Expo 2015

In mid November is held one of the most important events for stainless steel at a global level. The Stainless Steel World biannual fair, which will take place in Maastricht from 17th to November 19th.

Once again Irestal Group, as one of the largest independent distributors in the European market will participate in this meeting between manufacturers, distributors and other active parties in the stainless industry. You can find us at stand S614.
Here you can see map of the fair.


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ARTICLES » 2015-06-09

Irestal Group increases its equity by 40 million euros with investment from Black Toro Capital.

  • The international investment fund BTC injects 10 million Euros into Irestal Group to drive its expansion plan
  • The contribution of private funds will allow Irestal Group to significantly reduce its bank debt

Irestal Group, an industry leader in stainless steel with 20 subsidiaries and a presence in 12 countries, will increase its equity by 40 million Euros following the operation concluded with Black Toro Capital (BTC) that combines an additional liquidity provision to increase working capital and the purchase of its bank debt and its later conversion into a participative loan. The agreement will allow the company to significantly reduce its bank debt and will provide the company with greater resources to develop its strategic growth plan.

The goal of this five-year plan, which began in 2013, is to consolidate the company’s position in its business segment, strengthen the current European markets through high value-added products and enter into new markets with significant growth prospects.
The goal of Black Toro Capital, an international fund focused on mid-size companies, is to drive the expansion plan set out by Irestal Group for international markets, where Black Toro Capital has over fifteen years of experience.


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ARTICLES » 2015-03-31

Final confirmation of anti-dumping duties on imports of stainless steel cold-rolled sheet from China and Taiwan.

The European Union has finally confirmed the imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports of stainless steel cold-rolled sheet from China and Taiwan.

The Commission has set tariffs of about 25 percent for imports from China and of about 12 percent for Taiwanese product, following a complaint lodged in May 2014 by the European steel producers association, Eurofer.

The Commission presented its proposal to EU member states last week and on March 26 put in place the duties, which are provisional pending the outcome of an investigation due to end in September.


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ARTICLES » 2014-12-22

Christmas calendar in delegations.

Delegations will keep its regular customer service schedule, except for the following days which will be closed for Christmas holidays.
For further details, contact directly with your nearest office.


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ARTICLES » 2014-08-01

Stainless Steel: A sustainable material.

Stainless steel is a material which from its introduction has continued to be more popular and shown to be used in a large amount of applications.

Due to the hardness its durability is well known for its resistance to different types of oxidation due to the properties. It is easy to maintain and keep clean which makes it an excellent product to use within the catering industry as it will not corrode over time.

However, the sustainability of this alloy may be not so well known. We are dealing with a material that once it has finished is life it can then be returned to then be processed into a new alloy and this will not effect the properties of the material.


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ARTICLES » 2014-06-16

Nickel price rising up? Why to have to pay extra for a material that probably we do not need?

Over recent months we are experiencing a price hike of Nickel (as can be seen in this link). Good timing in order to consider the option for 201 quality, with less Ni (and therefore lower and more stable price) while a perfect replacement for 304 in numerous applications.

The AISI 201 or UNS S20100 quality is an austenitic stainless with high performance formulated to have a lower and more stable cost due to substitution of nickel (found in the series 300) with a part of manganese.
The resulting alloy has behaviour and properties which are comparable to those obtained in the 300 series; this is not the case for the ferritic alloy 430, which has significant differences, and often makes it impossible to replace 304.


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