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ARTICLES » 2014-08-01

Stainless Steel: A sustainable material.


Stainless steel is a material which from its introduction has continued to be more popular and shown to be used in a large amount of applications.

Due to the hardness its durability is well known for its resistance to different types of oxidation due to the properties. It is easy to maintain and keep clean which makes it an excellent product to use within the catering industry as it will not corrode over time.

However, the sustainability of this alloy may be not so well known. We are dealing with a material that once it has finished is life it can then be returned to then be processed into a new alloy and this will not effect the properties of the material.

Over 90% of Stainless products are collected at the end of its life before being recycled again and this represents approximately 70% of stainless.

This percentage will not rise due to the durability of the material as there are not enough items ready for recycling to cover the growing demand for the material.

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