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ARTICLES » 2014-06-16

Nickel price rising up? Why to have to pay extra for a material that probably we do not need?

Over recent months we are experiencing a price hike of Nickel (as can be seen in this link). Good timing in order to consider the option for 201 quality, with less Ni (and therefore lower and more stable price) while a perfect replacement for 304 in numerous applications.

The AISI 201 or UNS S20100 quality is an austenitic stainless with high performance formulated to have a lower and more stable cost due to substitution of nickel (found in the series 300) with a part of manganese.
The resulting alloy has behaviour and properties which are comparable to those obtained in the 300 series; this is not the case for the ferritic alloy 430, which has significant differences, and often makes it impossible to replace 304.


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