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ARTICLES » 2012-08-31

Irestal incorporates the 441 to its product range

Since September 2012, Irestal Group will incorporate in its product quality AISI 441 / 1.4509, in sheets and cold rolled coils.

The AISI 441, known as improved or stabilized ferritic, is ferritic alloy with the same proportion of chromium than the most widespread ferritic family (group 2, type 430), between 14 and 18%, but it also incorporates titanium and niobium in its composition as stabilizing elements.

  • Compared to 430, offers a better weldability and formability, having an even better behavior than 304 in some cases.
  • It also offers exceptional resistance to fluence (lower deformation in long-term deformations).
  • Another great advantage is that the 441 can be considered virtually immune to intergranular corrosion (IGC).

The ferritic family tends to be less susceptible to this kind of corrosion, which may occur by soldering. But in the case of 441 is absolute: the presence of carbide formers such as titanium (Ti) and niobium (Nb) links the carbon during welding, preventing its combination with chromium to form chromium carbide. (condition: 5x = Ca Ti or Ti + Nb = 3x Ca)

The absence of nickel in the 441, like all ferritics, gives a price below the austenitic range, and a more stable price as it is not influenced by the volatility of Nickel.

The 441 range complements the 300 series, to be an alternative to the 200, and replace other materials such as carbon steel in many areas (have the same behavior in terms of conformation).

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