The stainless steel valves have a very high resistance to corrosion, easy cleaning and a low level of contamination, both in their location and in their maintenance.

Butterfly valves

The butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve. Butterfly valves are easy and fast to open, the flow is controlled by a circular disc, with the axis at right angles to the flow direction.


Standard applications, liquids, gas, semi-liquids and liquids with solids in suspension

Recommended for:

  • Total opening or closing service
  • Strangulation Service
  • For frequent activation
  • When positive cut is required for gases or liquids.
  • When only a minimum of fluid is allowed to be trapped in the pipe

These valves are low pressure and very simple and versatile designs.
They can be adapted to a wide range of sizes, pressures, temperatures and connections and can operate with all types of fluids, gases and even solids.
Its configuration allows the valve to be free of wear due to the friction of the components and allows the passage of suspended solids, in addition it opposes a low pressure loss when it is open.

Ball valves

The ball valves are ¼ turn, drilled and pivoted on resilient seats, which allows direct circulation in the open position and cuts off passage when the ball is rotated 90° and closes the pipe.


Standard applications, high temperatures, semi-liquids.

Recommended for:

  • Conducting and cutting service, without strangulation.
  • When quick opening is required
  • For moderate temperatures
  • When minimum resistance to circulation is required

The ball or sphere valves are low pressure and simple design. Often used to regulate and control the flow. They are a versatile in the control of fluids which allows them to be one of the most used valves.

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